Your Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the most promising career path! But it is not easy. It involves uncertainties and risks, but it can be a great opportunity once you overcome the challenges and manage the different
aspect of your business operations. From accounting to marketing and logistics,
 entrepreneurs have to manage several aspects of running a business successfully

To be an entrepreneur, you must cultivate a reasoning mind which has that determination and creative bent needed to deal with a problem, or approach an issue. You cannot become a successful entrepreneur with just an idea, following it up by securing a loan and so forth. You must learn to handle problems and situations that may suddenly crop up. You will be all at sea if you do not know how to think quickly and get out of a setback with flying colours. Not everyone is a born entrepreneur, but you can learn to be one. Becoming an entrepreneur is all about learning to identify the knowledge you require and the moves you make.

Before you do anything else, you must educate yourself on how to become an entrepreneur. Nowadays, you get enough resources online, can read books and articles and attend seminars or listen to podcasts. These will surely help you get started. Do not wait for a great idea to strike or the perfect moment to arrive. Remember to stay motivated and focused always.

Identify Your Passion

When dealing with entrepreneurship, you must consider two important factors passion and skill. It should not be too difficult to know where you passion lies. Once you identify what drives you, you should try to find out if you could make money from it and how.

Do Your Homework

Make sure to research thoroughly the industry you wish to enter. Try to find out the current trends. Learn all you can about the key players and the market. With such information at hand you will be able to understand whether your business idea is good enough or requires tweaking. Then, you can go ahead and build a plan to move ahead and succeed in the field.

Build Your Team

One of the most important steps in becoming a successful businessman is building a strong team of experts. You must have people around you who have the skills and knowledge that will assist you in growing your business. If you have a great team, it will help you tide over obstacles easily.

Plan and Execute

Finally, with proper planning, you can make your business a great success. It is all about effective planning and execution. It is very important for an entrepreneur to have a plan and execute it at the right time.

Don’t Fear Failures

You should never be afraid of failures, but try to learn from them. Studies show that one of the most obvious measures of an entrepreneur’s possible success is whether they’ve experienced failure in the past. This may sound counter-intuitive, but not when you think of failure as a teaching tool. Many startups today live by the mantra: ‘Fail forward’, and Airbnb is the best example that took multiple launches to succeed. It would be better if you can focus on developing a minimum viable product, launching it, and then optimizing it based on feedback, rather than trying to get it right the first time.


The best way to gain experience is to start small rather like Volkswagen’s ‘Think Small’ ad campaign. This will help you to test if your idea works or whether it needs any changes. It will provide you with an opportunity to learn how to start and run a business successfully.

You should try to avoid common mistakes that business owners make. It would be of great help if you learn to identify, and avoid, these hurdles and stay on track so that you can improve your chances of success. Not having a clear vision is one of the commonest mistakes. It will not be easy to progress much if you do not have a specific plan. Moreover, some entrepreneurs become too focused about their product or service and forget how important customer service is. This may lead to negative reviews and business losses. One more mistake entrepreneurs make is not having achievable goals. It is essential to set goals that challenge you, but are realistic.

About the Author

Mr. Harish Jagtani, a philanthropist, visionary, businessman of Indian origin, currently based in Democratic Republic of Congo for more than 20 years now, is one of the most reputed business owners in the Indian diaspora as well as the entire expat business community in DRC. The business house caters to multiple domains, including but not limited to Domestic as well as International Air Cargo, real Estate and infrastructure development, healthcare, hospitality as well as CSR.

Coming from humble beginnings from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mr. Harish Jagtani has come a long way in building this conglomerate with a strong and clear vision, sheer dedication and grit. Starting with a small job in sales, Mr. Harish Jagtani today is a proud and righteous owner of a fleet of airplanes and multiple businesses that cater to the basic and advanced needs of the people of Dem. Rep. of Congo in different sectors.

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