5 Roads To Philanthropy In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Caring and sharing is the first thing that comes to mind
 when speaking about Harish Jagtani’s philanthropy

As humans, we all have various needs love, care, connection, contribution and much more. Sharing joys and caring about fellow human beings is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about philanthropy and Harish Jagtani.

Harish Jagtani and his charitable organization, HJ Foundation, have been giving selfless service for many years to improve the standard of living of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), especially those belonging to the economically poorer sections, for nearly two decades.

From spreading awareness all around especially among the deprived classes about chikungunya and malaria to providing food, shelter and healthcare to the needy, Harish Jagtani’s foundation has been occupying the top spot in the onerous task of carrying out its corporate social responsibility (CSR) in that country. Harish Jagtani is an Indian-origin businessman who runs several businesses in the African nation, including cargo, hospitality and real estate, among others.

Harish Jagtani and his group of companies have chalked out several strategies to make the DRC self-reliant. The group not only wants to provide vocational training, but also improve employment opportunities for the people of the country, especially youths there. According to Harish Jagtani, two of his strong pillars are his mother, Neeta Jagtani, and his wife, Sunita Jagtani, who are behind his enormous success.

Both of them have played vital roles in supporting Harish Jagtani in his philanthropic endeavor, especially during the pandemic, while giving away thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits and donating hundreds of food packets to the poor and those in need of sustenance.

Care In Pandemic Times
Harish Jagtani’s vision is to improve the public healthcare system in the DRC. His contributions during the deadly Covid pandemic against insurmountable odds have been such that cannot be measured or appreciated by words alone! The splendid work he has been doing has drawn praises from all over the world.

Free Eye Camps For Needy
The non-profit foundation of the group holds various free eye check-up and glaucoma camps every year, such as free cataract surgeries for people with cataracts and glaucoma, besides several other such free healthcare events every year. The foundation carries out ophthalmology campaigns, named ‘DON DE LA VISION’ to help people with cataract and glaucoma to help them get back their vision once more. These free camps have helped more than 10,000 people undergo health checkups and even surgeries.

Renal Failure Treatment
The HJ Foundation also runs successful campaigns, providing free dialysis or renal failure treatments to those in need. HJ Foundation, together with HJ Hospital, has been working closely with the DRC government to offer free and affordable kidney dialysis for destitute people. They also have plans to offer kidney transplants in future if the need arises.

Malaria And Child Care
The foundation has not only carried out free malaria check-ups, but also distributed medicines to infected people. It has provided support to institutions, such as government schools and orphanages, as well as old-age homes. The organization is well known for offering free MRIs for children with hydrocephalus, free surgeries and various other screenings and healthcare campaigns, including vaccination, that are absolutely free of cost.

Rehabilitation Centre
The foundation has been working in coordination with the Indian Embassy in Congo and has built a permanent centre for ‘Jaipur Foot’ in the DRC to help physically challenged people get limbs fitted on the spot. ‘Jaipur Foot’, or ‘Jaipur Leg’, is a rubber-based prosthetic leg which is very useful for people who are physically challenged or with amputated limbs.

The organization has already helped fit more than 500 patients with artificial limbs at the centre. Here, people who have lost their limbs are given new limbs completely free of charge and training to help them learn to use their limbs in a natural way for them to return to normal life once again.


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Harish Jagtani – An Indian businessman, has opened a new medical facility in Kinshasa, Congo.

Harish Jagtani – An Indian businessman, has opened a new medical facility in Congo.

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