Harish Jagtani Blog – 5 Keys to the Importance of Flexibility in Business

Most organizations today know that company culture is important for day-to-day operations. But, while creating a successful company culture, one aspect is often overlooked—business flexibility. We are all aware that things do not always work out in life and business as planned. So, workplace flexibility has become extremely important

Flexibility involves adapting to changing circumstances and expectations on the go and requires the willingness of both employers and employees to be open-minded and agreeable to change the way work gets done. Understanding flexibility in business can improve your workplace experience and optimize productivity. Flexibility is an art with the ability to respond, change, adapt and, in turn, succeed. Here, we discuss the important of flexibility at the workplace and explore advantages of flexible arrangements.

Speed to adapt is the key to flexibility in business. Basically, accept that there will be changes when you expect it the least. The next step is taking action quickly to avoid any fallout. So, maintain flexibility to bend with the change. Flexibility is an important aspect of a successful company culture because…

1. It Builds Trust

Flexible work demands trust between employees and employers. It may seem insignificant, but, in reality, it is definitely not. It is mutual trust in working relationships that does wonders for both the parties. Your workers are more engaged and support their employer and this, in turn, brings in better decision-making and hard work from employees. When people have loyalty, they will truly care for the organization and fight against negativity. If you give your workers flexible work options, they will feel more loyal to the organization—its values and goal.

2. Nurtures Happiness

Nobody likes going to work to be loaded with stress. If you give your employees the ability to find a balance in their lives, they will find happiness. And this spreads fast. Rather than struggling with angry workers, you will have people looking forward to coming to office and wanting to work with their colleagues and teams.

3. Drives Productivity

Work can never thrive in a stringent work atmosphere. So, loosen up the reins and allow your staff some freedom—to chat on Whatsapp, surf the Internet and so on. With flexible work, you will see productivity skyrocket. Besides, your employees will feel energized and improve their performance.

4. Boosts Diversity

When building a diverse workforce, you should also open up hiring to a global workforce. Otherwise, you will remain limited in your talent acquisition. And, through flexible work programs, especially remote work, companies can strengthen their workforce. This will come from including diversity in hiring from across the world. Remote jobs provide work opportunity to people who, otherwise, may not have the option—rural dwellers and people with health issues or disabilities, among others.

Flexible work also allows your staff and the company to connect to the community in which they work. Individuals can even save time and dedicate it elsewhere, such as volunteer for a cause. If you want to build a successful company culture and organizational brand, let your employees give back.

5. Attracts Talent

Experienced and ambitious professionals may come from all walks of life. If you do not expand beyond the typical 9-to-5 mindset, you will miss out on the best talents. Most professionals look to balance things they enjoy in life. Flexibility will help you create a company culture that will have professionals yearning to work with you. Since flexibility gives people autonomy, freedom, and balance, people tend to perform better. It transforms into higher productivity levels, loyalty and more engaged employees.

Flexible work helps employees to be successful. With flexible work, you will create highly successful employees who will support others to be successful, as well. You can achieve a successful business culture by implementing flexible work options. This will help attract top new-generation employees and create an environment where people prosper and want to give of their best.

About the Author

Mr. Harish Jagtani, a philanthropist, visionary, businessman of Indian origin, currently based in Democratic Republic of Congo for more than 20 years now, is one of the most reputed business owners in the Indian diaspora as well as the entire expat business community in DRC. The business house caters to multiple domains, including but not limited to Domestic as well as International Air Cargo, real Estate and infrastructure development, healthcare, hospitality as well as CSR.

Coming from humble beginnings from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mr. Harish Jagtani has come a long way in building this conglomerate with a strong and clear vision, sheer dedication and grit. Starting with a small job in sales, Mr. Harish Jagtani today is a proud and righteous owner of a fleet of airplanes and multiple businesses that cater to the basic and advanced needs of the people of Dem. Rep. of Congo in different sectors.

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