9 Actionable ways leaders can improve workplace for employees – Mr. Harish Jagtani

Good and effective leaders can provide great impact on workplaces. Studies show that effective leadership improves employee retention, as well as financial performance. They also inspire people to achieve goals and build stronger and successful teams for a strong workplace environment

Great leaders start off by reminding team members of the purpose behind their work. They have strong ethics and know how to build an inspiring vision for the future.

Leadership qualities that enhance workplace atmospheres include working with teams and looking for ideas from team members. Such traits as recognizing employee accomplishments and helping them move forward in their jobs are important, too. Besides, inspiring employees to follow by showing them that leaders are competent and reliable can also be helpful for leaders.

Here are some ways you to improve your workplace…

Set realistic goals

Goal setting is a key role in achieving productivity at work. One of the most important characteristics of a good leader or manager is to set goals for their teams and have an accountability framework to manage and measure outcomes. So, it is extremely important to set goals that match organizational objectives, along with individual career growth.


Have a Clear Vision

To make your company profitable as a leader, it is important for you to have a clear vision. This allows you to have the motivation and ability to think beyond the present and plan for the future in a strategic way. These leaders keep a balance between zooming in to focus on details and zooming out to see the larger picture. Thus, you make sure that your team is meeting daily targets without losing sight of the bigger picture that you are working towards, along with your team’s contribution towards them.


Know Your employees

True leaders take out time to listen to their employees and learn about their interests. This allows them to build strong relationships and have a positive impact on employee motivation and engagement. For this, you have to be a good communicator to effectively reach out to your team.


Celebrate employee success

You should always remember to praise good team efforts. Try to share your team’s achievement with the entire organization and back them up. It would be great to even organize a party for big wins so that every team member can share the success. You can do it whichever way you want to celebrate the moment together.


Motivate others

True leaders should influence their team members in a positive way. When an employee or co-worker loses his/her objectives and ambitions, a true leader comes forward to energize and motivate them.


Enhance employee productivity

Work and life become meaningful when we feel that we are doing something of value to the world. Everyone enjoys acknowledgment of good work done. So, make it a point to give regular feedback and encouragement to create a congenial work atmosphere to improve, and exceed, standards. Research shows, on an average for every feedback given, productivity grows by 43%.


Provide resources & training

As a good leader, one should never stop learning. You should keep evolving to develop the bottomline of the business and be a better leader for your team. Efficient leaders help their team members to do their jobs well. At the same time, they identify opportunities for team members to move forward, develop their skills and progress in their careers. So, try to provide the resources they need to excel and move to the next level. Employees who grow their skills are more likely to stay on with a company and recommend others to join the company, too. This will help the company build talent for success.


Take Responsibility

Leaders have all sorts of tasks they have to complete. It is also important for them to identify responsibilities at the workplace. This simply means prioritizing duties and staying focused on what needs to get done for the organization.


Build respect

Another key aspect of a great leader is showing respect for team members in different ways. One great way is to remain engaged with the team and work along with them. Such leaders never fail to admit their mistakes or take risks. They know that respect can be earned only through empathy and faith.

A leader continuously encounters newer challenges, and more so in our fast-paced digital technology age. But the strategies mentioned here will help you create a roadmap for better teamwork and trust.

About the Author

Mr. Harish Jagtani, a philanthropist, visionary, businessman of Indian origin, currently based in Democratic Republic of Congo for more than 20 years now, is one of the most reputed business owners in the Indian diaspora as well as the entire expat business community in DRC. The business house caters to multiple domains, including but not limited to Domestic as well as International Air Cargo, real Estate and infrastructure development, healthcare, hospitality as well as CSR.

Coming from humble beginnings from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mr. Harish Jagtani has come a long way in building this conglomerate with a strong and clear vision, sheer dedication and grit. Starting with a small job in sales, Mr. Harish Jagtani today is a proud and righteous owner of a fleet of airplanes and multiple businesses that cater to the basic and advanced needs of the people of Dem. Rep. of Congo in different sectors

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